Spring reminds me of fresh starts so I’ve been thinking up some fresh ideas to try for dates in the coming weeks. I love to get outside when the weather starts to turn so many of these ideas involve getting outdoors for some fresh air. But there’s a few that are perfect for inside when you just want be cozy or when those spring showers just wont let up.


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If you follow us on the gram you might have already seen a few of these, but we promise this list includes a bunch more goodies that we couldn’t fit in that post!

1. Take advantage of the last few rainy days and visit a coffee shop and sit by the window so that you can watch the rain fall.

2. Cozy up and read a book together! We highly suggest checking out The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Its an easy read and dives a bit into the love languages to help you understand your partner and how he/she/they best receives and show love.

3. Set up an indoor picnic with all the bells and whistles! Order or create a grazing board or charcuterie, grab some drinks, and play a game or a movie.

Indoor picnic

4. Be playful and take it outside with sidewalk chalk! Go for a walk and leave nice messages behind for the next person to find, or simply have fun with some hopscotch, or silly pictures of each other!

5. Spring clean your relationship. Sound funny? Stay with me. Hitting reset in some area of your relationship for a “fresh start” can be really refreshing. We suggest taking or re-taking the 5 Love Languages quiz, learning something new together, or committing to planning dates for one another throughout the month or several weeks.

6. Rent Paddle Boats! Find a nearby park that offers paddle boat rentals and go for a romantic ride. This is perfect for a warm weather date. Play a little music on your phone or just enjoy the sounds of nature.

7. Go on a food tour. You can research and find a local food tour or plan one of your own in an area with lots of food options. Spring is the perfect time of year to hop around trying different food places together.

8. Similar to the above – you could do try the same idea but with drive thrus. If dinning in isn’t an option or you don’t have a sitter, you could do a food tour from your car and park someplace pretty to eat. Go to one drive thru for an appetizer, another for the main course, and end at a different place for dessert!

9. Brewery! Breweries always release new brews when the seasons change. Find a local brewery and split a flight. Bring a deck of conversation starter cards along for an easily elevated date experience.

10. Do you have a local winery you haven’t visited lately? Go, relax, sip some wine and eat some cheese!

11. When is the last time you rode a bike? Played mini golf? Kicked a soccer ball around? Or played a round of tennis? All of these can be great opportunities to bond and laugh, plus they can be free or virtually free activities. You’re welcome!

12. Conversation starter games. Above we mentioned bringing a deck to a local brewery, but you can just as easily take them to a park, to the backyard, or on an easy walk. One of our favorites for a quick grab and go is Our Moments conversations starters for couples.

Our Moments Conversation Starters

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