12 At Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

couple selfie in valentine's day pajamas

Going out for Valentine’s Day 2023 may not be on your radar this year, and if thats the case, we’ve got you covered with a few at home date ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Any of these stay at home date ideas for couples can be combined with the other to make a full on date day or just customize to your liking. We hope these ideas help to spark some fun ideas of your own, and facilitate a night of adventure in your own home.

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Lovie Dovie Versions of Your Favorite Games

Play the board game checkers but replace the game pieces with Valentine’s Day candy. Each time you get jumped or lose you eat a piece of candy. You can do this with other board games of your liking. Get creative! Think Tic Tac Toe, but with chocolates and candy hearts instead of X’s and O’s, or even a “strip” version of one of your favorite board games.

Connection Game Night

We also really love the way conversation starters and games made specifically for couples add value to our date nights at home. Here are a few of our favorites…

Intimacy Deck by BestSelf Co

Lingerie Date Night In

Order matching Mentionables V-Day Lingerie and wear them while having a movie/game night. Or. Just buy some sexy pieces to surprise your partner. They are size inclusive and woman owned btw. Snap a Polaroid as a keepsake. Oh and when you use our link above you’ll save 10% off your purchase). They have the cutest Valentine’s Day pajamas and lingerie (even something social for him)!

Mentionables Valentine’s Day Collection

Fort Night

No, not the video game! Build a fort with your partner using blankets and lots of pillows. To make it more comfortable bring your mattress out and build around it. Make sure to build your fort in front of the tv or have a laptop to watch your movies and/or shows. You’ll also want to grab some of your favorite snacks and some Valentine’s Day candy. Look for battery powered candles or string lights for that special ambience.

Wine and Design

Buy some canvases and your favorite wine. Get out your paint and turn on some music. Set a timer and each person begin painting on a canvas. Every 20 minutes pass the canvas between you and your partner. Once you are finished you’ll have a masterpiece.

Graze & Games

Fill a pink or heart shaped cupcake pan with different Valentine’s Day treats, candies and cheeses. Pair it with your favorite drinks and games. You can find a pink heart-shaped pan from target linked here .

Dance the Night Away

Find a good space in your home and move your furniture out of the way. Dance to your favorite songs all night long. Have some wine or make your favorite cocktails. For the special touch add some rose petals and light candles.

At Home Spa Date

Have an at home spa night with face masks, cleansers and body lotion. Cut up some cucumbers for your eyes while you do your face mask. YouTube how to make and use an at home face steamer using a pot, water, and a towel. End the night with giving each other a massage.

Nerf Gun War

Buy nerf guns and have a war. You and your partner can get creative and build an obstacle course around your home.

Theme Night In

Have a themed movie and dinner night. Decide on a theme or use the movie you are going to watch to determine the theme. If the movie is based in Italy then the theme is an Italian night. You and your partner can cook a delicious dinner or order take out. You can even dress for the theme too!

Scavenger Hunt Date

Create a scavenger hunt for the first hour or so for your partner. Then take turns trying to figure each other’s out! Leave love notes or pictures of each other at each location. You can even use the scavenger hunt to lead your partner to their present.

Photo Challenge

Get all dressed up and have an at home photo challenge! Set your phone on self timer and take all the pictures of you and your partner.

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